FlagLarge Coat of ArmsText Box: Welcome!  We hope that you will explore our website and enjoy your visit.  Here you will find a little of the picturesque beauty that is Ruritania!  Our beautiful mountains, sparkling rivers, forests of oak and black walnut, quaint villages and ancient castles await you.  Our people are friendly and warmhearted and are fluent in several languages.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have concerning our nation and we would welcome any suggestions for the improvement of this site.
Ruritania is an absolute monarchy based upon Divine Right.  We have been refused recognition by the United Nations for unexplained reasons and are now relegated to a few far flung Embassies and Consulates in foreign countries.  Therefore, we now join the Micro-Nations of the world.  We hope you will raise your voice with ours and demand that the leaders of the world recognize Ruritania and the sovereignty of our beloved Anastasia, by the Grace of God, Queen of Ruritania!





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Welcome All To The Kingdom of Ruritania
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